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Our team of crypto tax CPAs can help you navigate the complexities of crypto taxes to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

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Our crypto accountants at Founder's CPA have the expertise to handle both fiat and cryptocurrency accounting for crypto startups.

Meet Our Crypto CPAs & Crypto Tax Accountants

Our team of crypto tax specialists is comprised of cryptocurrency CPAs, cryptocurrency tax accountants, and crypto tax lawyers.  As one of the few crypto tax firms, our collective years of experience and in-depth understanding of the industry allows us to provide exceptional cryptocurrency tax services to our individual and business clients.

Curt Mastio
Curt Mastio, CPA
Crypto Tax CPA
Justin McCormick
Justin McCormick, JD
Crypto Tax Attorney
Abdul Syed, CPA
Abdul Syed
Crypto Taxes CPA
Zach Carnes, CPA
Cryptocurrency Tax CPA

Insights from our crypto CPAs

Get the latest news and trends on crypto tax and accounting from our team of crypto accounting professionals!

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Curt Mastio
Curt Mastio

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Curt Mastio
Curt Mastio

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Curt Mastio
Curt Mastio